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The Philanthropist

The Philanthropist

Olajumoke passion for raising leaders and helping people to achieve their potential led her to establish the faith based philanthropic NGO Awesome Treasures Foundation. Awesome Treasures Foundation founded in 1999, is a faith-based non-governmental organisation recognized by the United Nations which raises transformational leaders towards a national renaissance in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) declared by the United Nations.

Awesome Treasures has since inception empowered over 11,500 women through its numerous skill acquisition programs. She has also organized over 110 summits-with a combined attendance of over 70,000 attendees to promote these causes, with these summits held across the world, the organisation has awakened and renewed purpose, shifted paradigms, transformed lives and raised hundreds of entrepreneurs with notable success. Awesome Treasures is registered across three continents.

She established this foundation, due to her passion to help people achieve more, and for two decades she and her team have been raising transformational Leaders and promoting health education, vocational training, business training and leadership skills development.

Camp Dawn, is an educational camp program designed by her, to address the education gap for inner-city kids. She also conceptualized Awesome Princesses, which is an initiative that provides care for young girls from the slums of Lagos who are at risk of sexual abuse andHIV/AIDS, supplying medical screenings and educational intervention.

Awesome Treasures closely mentors women for transnational leadership and entrepreneurship through vocational training, business classes and leadership training that takes place across Nigeria. She also has a syndicated radio podcast on leadership ’’Voice of Change’’ where she shares leadership nuggets, life lessons and insights to help young Nigerians become better individuals, and achieve more both in their personal and professional lives. This podcast reaches over 15 million people per episode.

Recognizing that these goals cannot be met through the conventional organs of government, Awesome Treasures Foundation has employed the tools of advocacy and direct intervention to help nations achieve these goals which directly address the most glaring deficiencies in our national life. The realisation of these goals which would form the basis for national socio-economic growth and the realisation of its potential is the Foundation’s strongest objective.

She served on the jury of the prestigious Cartier Women’s Initiative Award and also to join the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation philanthropic network, which is a body engaged in developing best practices in philanthropy globally. She is also a Director at Vocational Training and Professional Development Academy(VPDA) , Hamilton Prep School ,British School of Lome and Fountain Holdings Limited.

Awesome Treasures Foundation - https://awesometreasuresfoundation.org/

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